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Swarm is available wherever books are sold.

Mockup of Swarm

"The author delivers a fresh take on a popular genre, weaving in current and relatable topics like climate change, grief, depression, and anxiety while adding depth to the exciting dystopian survival storyline. The character-driven plot brims with heartbreaking scenes, horrifying images, and a bit of romance."

Kirkus Reviews (full review)

Where can I get MY copy?

Why, most places! Here are some handy links to a few of our favorites.

Bookshop.Org supports local independent bookstores all over the country, including near you. Proceeds go to keeping independent book shops open and thriving.

Order from Bookshop.Org

Our partners at support lots of debuts! 

Order from


Prefer to listen to your books? Audiobooks are a great way to experience books, and we highly recommend them! 

Order the Audio version from Amazon

Your Local Library

Lots and lots of public and school libraries have Swarm available to borrow. If your library doesn't have a copy, ask them to order!

And now a word from BookTOK

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