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There's a saying on Fall Island: if you're not careful, the snow will get you.

Gracie Hutchinson has lived on Fall Island her whole life and knows there's some truth to those words. Fall's snowstorms have a spooky way of claiming people, making them disappear without a trace or driving them mad. Now, with a hundred-year-storm approaching, most of Fall's residents have fled to the mainland. But not Gracie. Left behind her with physician father, she braces for landfall.

Gracie's not the only one left behind. Her classmate Joseph Wescott, descendant of the legendary pioneer who founded Fall Island, has stayed, too. After a chance encounter, the two stumble across something more unsettling than the snow: a ritually mutilated corpse. By night, as the snow begins to fall, it becomes clear that whoever (or whatever) murdered the man they found has their sights set on Gracie.

Seeking refuge at Wescott Manor, Gracie feels safe surrounded by dozens of locals hunkered down in the huge house. But as the storm assaults the island, Gracie discovers secrets that have been kept since Fall was settled. If she can't uncover the hidden history and terrifying truth about Fall Island before the storm's end, she'll be the next to disappear into the snow.

Expected publication November 5, 2024

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